Wallpapers and gardens

The forecast was for thunderstorms after the heat wave. We decided to go anyway and at worst miss the garden, but it cleared soon after we left. We arrived at the house with a low hanging mist which was very pretty with the house set up in the hillside. This cleared and weather was brilliant by the time we got to the garden.

Ok, I restricted myself to two wallpapers. Who would’ve known that wallpaper could be so cool?

This is in the second drawing room. Yeah they had more than one. More than two actually… Note the ceiling and flooring. I just loved the colour in this paper as so soft and subtle. Now look at the next. In the bedroom called ‘pomegranate’ from Williams and Morris.

So just one garden pic tho this was hard to decide which one as I walked over acres of beautiful garden. The more I see, the more formality I’m feeling I need in our garden at home!

I’ll be planting hedges and herbaceous borders as soon as I get back. I have chosen this pic because it shows an orchard in a glasshouse. There’s fig trees in the background and grapevines in the front row. The other glasshouse had espaliered apples and pears among others. Cool planters too!

It’s was 3pm and Gilbert had long disappeared so headed back to the car to find him waiting. Decided to head back and get an early night for our trip heading south tomorrow. I looked back as we left and admired it one last time. It is almost obscene how much money was spent on some of these houses and the extravagance with ten tonnes of Italian marble in one fireplace alone. I guess it’s nice we get to see that in all it’s 19th century glory so we can shake our head in disbelief.

As we drove out and along the moors the rain started again gently and the sky was once again layered in a misty mantle. Amazing that the weather has been perfect for us every time. We have just completed the first month and had basically one day of drizzly rain and the rest pretty damn perfect. No kidding!

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