Friday 19th-we go to Cragside

For a change we decide to visit an historic home. Gotcha!
Had decided we would go here as been to so many but a couple of other tourists told us it was the best so we went today. This is front view and I couldn’t fit it all in!

This was built by Lord and Lady Armstrong and I’m glad we went as it was quite a different style to anything we’ve seen but the sheer size inside and out is phenomenal. He developed the first hydroelectric systems and this was the first house to have power in all of Europe. Short version-He developed lots of other stuff so was super rich. They had no children and left it all to his great nephew when he retired to their fully refurbished Castle up the road. His nephew invested in stupid things and started selling off stuff after they died and eventually closed up Cragside and lived in one of the cottages on the estate.

I know! Cragside and it’s countryside acreage was later completely confiscated to cover death duties and govt handed it to historical society so it was kept with 80-90% of its original furnishings. This is side view.

I walked through most of the house and it’s massive! What a legacy to leave…next blog is on wallpapers and gardens. Don’t miss it both are must sees…

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