Wednesday 16-Liverpool

Landed at midnight in Liverpool and it never dawned on me till we came thru the airport that we are in the Beatles home base. Had a little drive around about lunchtime after picking up our rental car and it’s quite a big place. The popular part after the Beatles stuff is the docks which dominates the city by the looks of it. The town was a little crazy as it was capping week, so students everywhere all dressed up with proud Mums and Dads at their sides making their way.

Found our BnB, which is in Waterloo area and it’s about 250 years old. Built 1780. Such high density housing here. Row upon row of housing all identical with just a different colour door to individualise. Our BnB is three stories. First floor is living. Second floor is three bedrooms and bathroom. Third floor is three bedrooms and a bathroom. They are working on renovations and it looks like a long job.


It’s the kind of house I would’ve thought might be wonderful in my twenties in a fairy tale kind of way, would buy and become a slave to the plumbing and the cold and the constant drain of money until I’d give up and someone else would come in full of dreams! You would say it would be perfect for a builder, but Alexandra’s husband IS a builder and HE refuses to work on it. If they need anything done they get someone else to do it. What!

In the other BnB bedroom is three French girls. They are all about 16 years old. Next year is their final year at high school. They spent a week in London and now here for a week in Liverpool. Gee that’s a crazy holiday for young girls. I’m not sure we’d send three 16 y r old girls to Auckland or Brisbane say to holiday on their own??? Or am I getting old?

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