Hey I wasn’t finished that!

Pushed send before I had finished but did anyone spot the blue, blue sky?

Radio is warning of a heat wave at the moment. Tips on staying alive hourly. Sorry guys but I was wearing jeans and a tee. I would never in a million years have called that a heat wave but I guess it depends on what you are comparing it to and maybe it was super hot somewhere else??? Beautiful day to be sure tho and certainly not complaining. If you were traveling here then a heat wave is preferable to me!

Roads are pretty good. Lovely big wide highways. Mile upon mile of them. You are constantly going off one to another. We did about 12 different ones at least today making our way to Northumbria where we are staying three nights. Some of the roundabouts are massive and even have traffic lights as you go around! How the hang you would sort these highways out before GPS I don’t know. This spot was on our way thru Camelot. Yep that’s right. King Arthur, Knights of the round table and all that. I took this as we drove.

Have picked here because it’s beautiful countryside with lots to see around and looking for some walking tracks and castles and gardens to explore. Going to take it easy for a bit after a hectic few days.

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