We had Ireland’s blessing for our whole trip.

We had perfect weather all round. Lovely sunny days and only had one day of rain.

So the queue at the book of Kells made us think twice. That’s what you guessed wasn’t it? Haha! So we went to the Guiness brewery. Learnt how it’s made, even instructed on how to pour and drink the stuff. They’re pretty serious about their liquid refreshments there for sure!

A pint of Guiness each to finish and you know it’s not my favourite drop. I’d take a Jamesons and ginger any day over a Guiness but it was interesting.

At airport now so last post from Ireland. Did pretty much everything we wanted to except one. But I’ll tell you about that another day Tara.

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One Response to We had Ireland’s blessing for our whole trip.

  1. Graham says:

    Lovely sounding Journey of Ireland G&T, sounds like you folk have enjoyed a most wonderful time there
    Weather sounded beautiful also, unlike our cool atmosphere here
    you folk are looking younger and healthier than being back here ha
    Sure hope the rest goes sweetly as well, thanks for the constant updates

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