It’s time to say goodbye…

I guess it was fitting that thru most of today I was hearing ‘oh Danny Boy’ playing every where we went. Keeping in mind this may be the last time I see Ireland it was a different kind of feeling today.

We got on the ‘hop on hop off’ Dublin bus today. Showed the guy how we had booked online and he didn’t bother looking at the iph but waved us thru. We did the tour which is an hour long and got off to print our tickets so we could get discounts and turned out we had bought a different company’s tickets! So went to that company, across the road, and did their tour too!

Now we had a big decision. We had limited time and had had two things strongly recommended to us. Go see the book of Kells, which is an amazingly beautiful 9th century writing in Latin OR go to the Guiness brewery. Hmmm it was tough.

Book of Kells or Guiness brewery – what to do?

I’m going to let you guess what you think we did and I’ll tell you in the next blog but I will add a lovely pic of two of our cousins. Sisters Noreen and Eileen. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed a couple of days with Eileen checking though family tree stuff and she made us feel very welcome.

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