Monday 14-Older than a 4th century Abbey, even older than the pyramids…

We heard about Newgrange from Yvonne and the shine in her eyes and excitement in her voice got me interested. Eileen had a brochure and it’s really the first thing I wanted to see here in Dublin and it didn’t disappoint. We spent so long there we didn’t get to the Hill of Tara. Sorry darl! This is so amazing it will be the oldest thing we will see I’m sure. 4000 years old and 500 years older than the pyramids. Thought to be burial chambers of some sort.

This was the entrance to the one we couldn’t go in as too fragile. We couldn’t take photos in the one we went in but ‘amazing’ doesn’t even come close. For just 17 minutes only once a year the sun rises and shines down the chamber to the bowl at the end. I’m not even going to tell you any more about it so google if you like this kind of thing or else waIt for the long version when we get home!

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3 Responses to Monday 14-Older than a 4th century Abbey, even older than the pyramids…

  1. renanopolis says:

    Ahhhh my friend took me to ruins of some of these on a farm out the back of somewhere in Ireland, and tried to explain to me what they might have been… 17 minutes! How peculiar?? I love that you’re so excited by old stuff Mum 🙂 did Dad care?

  2. tara says:

    Um. Your not forgiven. I just told Sifa that we will have to make it up to Ireland and the memory of nana M, and goe ourselves to visit this blasted hill. Lol.

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