Sunday 13-A ghost free night

Breakfast is served up until 9.30 and a beautiful breakfast it is too. To our surprise everyone else has broken fast and gone, so Larry serves and regales us with stories which has us in stitches.

I ask if there’s been any ghosts in a house so old. He laughs and says when they did the renovations to the house an older guy that was working on the house refused to go upstairs alone as he said he could hear a dog barking in the attic. One of the other workers tells Larry and the next day Larry says as they’re having morning tea. “That damn dog is barking again.” “Well funny you should say that”, says the older guy. “I’m sure I heard a dog up there.”
“Ah,” says Larry “you see the story is that a couple of hundred years ago that dog killed some sheep, and the guy was so brassed off he dragged the dog by the scruff of its neck up the stairs and hung him in the attic”. All eyes were on Larry in silence. “And from time to time ye know I do tink I can hear a dog up there”. “Well”, he said “ya coulda heard a pin drop and the older guy flat out refused to go up there again and I never owned up to that being a story to this day!”

He says he’s never seen anything himself but one guest told him a ghost sat with him for 15 minutes smoking a pipe and asked if his Father had smoked a pipe. Larry looked aghast at him and said “feckin hell if I’d been in there for 15 minutes I’d have told him doesn’t he know it’s a ‘no smoking zone’!” Here’s the sitting room…

He also told us about two ladies who stayed and after sitting in the same room they said there was definitely a presence in there and they’d know because they were both witches. He said he couldn’t sleep that night, more because he had two witches in the house than anything else!

He started to tell us another ghost story and it was getting decidedly less funny and we were both starting to skirm… Haha! No we never felt anything but comfortable and I’d go back again anytime. It was a treat having Larry as our host. We bid our goodbyes and made our way to Eileen’s in Dublin.

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