So this is where the O’Connor descendants of the high Kings of Ireland are said to have built a tower house but this building was built around the original building by the Mahons after Cromwell gave him the land to thank him for his support. A massive building that we went through. We were quite sad at the condition of this place. It was sold to the current owner in around 1980 but the lady who sold it had been fast running out of money and selling off paintings and bits. It was thought it changed hands for about £125thousand to a neighbour who soon after opened it to the public. It didn’t seem to have the restorative work done on it that places owned by govt have had and seemed to be slowly deteriorating.

This room is said to have the oldest wallpaper in Ireland as this was done at the time of the building mid 1800s I think. This room was originally intended to be large enough to be used as a ballroom but the man of the house wanted a large library. To thwart his wife’s plans he had the floor boards laid across the room instead of lengthways. In those days you couldn’t dance against the grain of the wood so it could never be used for dancing. That would just about be grounds for divorce in my book!

With no shades on the windows it is quite sun damaged in parts. Paint was peeling and floor boards warping. Curtains were tearing away with sun damage weakening the fabric and carpets threadbare where we walked. I know these places must be a money pit and there would be no end to its demands. What do you do?


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