I guess I’ve been interested in Tapestry because I’m a sewer. I did one once. It took me about a year and measured about 6inches square. The fine needlework and detail in these pieces, that are absolutely huge and took a year to make is amazing. Some of these in the Castle were made in France or Belgium and are up to 600 years old.


Photo quality is bad sorry as no flashes are allowed to prevent any extra damage, but the one on the extreme left has been cleaned and repaired, which is why it’s lighter in colour. The two either side of the window are due to go and are dark from years of soot and dust. You can see the fire pit in the middle of the room. This is the main banquet hall.

This next pic is just a small sample of one that I loved the colours of.


If you don’t know, tapestry was used on the walls of castles to help ward off the cold as the whole place was rock basically. They were also common in the grand houses as it also displayed your wealth and of course the bigger they were, the more intricate, and the more foreign they were, the richer or better social standing you had.

This makes me think of a BnB Gilbert and I stayed in a few years ago up North around Warkworth it was an historic house and the lady imported tapestry. They were everywhere and were amazing and large. I got up about 3am to go to the toilet and passed by huge ones hanging in the hallways, because she sold them she had a few rooms decked out displaying them.

After I got back into bed I heard someone walking around. It was weird as they were wearing heels. I was a bit freaked out and lay frozen till morning listening for something else, but nothing else happened.

In the morning at breakfast I asked her if she ever had any go missing as there were lots of small ones around too. She said “oh no, Henry looks after the place at night”
“Excuse me? Henry?”
“Yes, Henry is our ghost and he wanders about keeping an aye on things”
…you could’ve heard a pin drop as Gilbert and I digest this with our bacon and eggs.
” you know I heard someone walking around in heels” I said
“Oh yeah, he wears heels”, she said matter of factly
“Does he wake you up at night?” I enquired
“Oh we don’t SLEEP here”, she said, “we stay over there” pointing across the garden, “it’s a new apartment there”

Gilbert said we’d better make tracks and we bundled our stuff into the car and headed off. “Ohhhh”, she called out stopping us as we drove off, “would you mind giving these out to your friends” she said handing brochures into the car window. Later on Gilbert dropped these into a rubbish bin.
“like bloody hell I’d be recommending a place where bloody Henry walks the floor all night!”

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One Response to Tapestry

  1. renanopolis says:

    HahahHa I’m not obsessed with tapestries but that one is very pretty and awesome story Mum haha x

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