Coat of Arms

Really lovely drive making our way from Tipperary to Galway. We had three stops. The first was at Milltown Malby which is a cute little place where they run summer school for budding musicians in the traditional Irish music. If we’d know about it earlier we would have booked to stay over here as the whole town comes alive late afternoon and evening with Irish bands especially this week. We sat and enjoyed some youngsters practising and tuition from the older ones before we headed on to The Cliffs of Moher.

This is something that is being heavily promoted along the drive they call ‘the Atlantic Way’. It’s a beautiful drive up the West Coast and the Cliffs themselves are pretty amazing rising out of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s been a tourist stop for more than 200 years and a castle look out was built at the top a few hundred years ago from which on a good day, you can see five different countries across the water. Weather held for us and we enjoyed some of the busking there along with a few hundred other people but it’s such a big site you’re not all bustled up together. Here we also found our O’Connor coat of arms from Grandpas family.


And the Flynn from Nana’s


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  1. renanopolis says:

    Interesting choice of animals and broken arrow??

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