…and so what is your relationship to Lord?

“Ummm…I’m sorry. What did you say? ”
“Your relationship to lord” how is that?”

So….I wondered, is this where we get serious about religion?

“Lorde the singer,” Yvonne clarifys.
“Oh, the singer” sheesh. That was funny! “Yep she’s Croatian Irish and shares the O’Connor lineage but I’m not sure we’re related” We both laugh as Yvonne realises I thought she mean’t God.

Tonight we have met new relations. Effectively we are cousins I guess. Maureen has connected all the dots and here we are meeting so many new people who are all very cool. We meet Yvonne and her Mum, Patricia. It’s uncanny but so very Irish, that we share so many names in our family trees with Maurice’s, Norah’s, Eileen’s, George’s and of course Patricia’s aplenty, to name a few!

We have a lovely dinner and before we know it, it’s 11pm on a Sunday. As we walk Main Street, or was it Key Street? the bars are full, live bands playing and everyone having a good time. We part after checking out those that are worth a visit and say goodbye with instructions for tomorrow’s itinerary. Yvonne has been great for travel tips, telling us what and how to visit the best spots.


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One Response to …and so what is your relationship to Lord?

  1. Yvonne says:

    It was such a pleasure to meet you and Gilbert last night! Looking forward to reading about all your adventures in this wonderful blog 🙂 ! Yvonne and Patricia x

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