Seen one, seen them all…

Definitely not! Came across Nenagh castle and at the risk of boring you all to death I have to tell you that the differences are amazing. This is the keep of what was a castle tower house with four other towers, a gatehouse and complete with a moat and drawbridge.


It’s had restoration work done and is free to visit along with a free guided tour. This guy explained about the warring factions. How the Irish were mucking about in hemp skirt like dresses and arrows and rode smaller horses bareback when they were invaded by the Normans? (Ok, so I drifted off for a bit) who came charging in on huge horses, wearing chain mail and saddles and used iron weaponry. How little skirmishes meant castles and cattle and crops were won and lost in a few days or months, over and over again.

How Oliver Cromwell came in and decimated the population by 50% in a few short years by taking the young men and boys into slavery and murdering whole villages overnight. The punk! Funny how some names and places are familiar, but it has completely come alive here.


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