It’s a long way to Tipperary…I can vouch for that!

It’s been a big day. We left Kenmare and as it was damp and drizzly decided to skip the dingle ring and beach today and headed off to Ballylongford to where our castle was. More about that in a separate post.

On the way we passed signs for Muckross castle and decided to visit. Just in time for a guided tour as luck would have it. We were fascinated as the guide bought to life what it was like for a 14-16th century castle dweller. She also explained why things were built in a certain way. Loving the history behind the building techniques too!

This castle in fact is fully restored. They have taken away previous alterations and made good old bits in the way it would have been done at first build. A hunk of steel for example, put in to help the structure actually put pressure on another bit and was compromising its strength. Unfortunately one of the owners took the roof off to avoid tax and within a mere hundred years it had almost degraded to a shell. It is now fully restored and walking up the spiral staircase it was easy to imagine scenes from ‘Game of Thrones’

Lots of driving today and I must say while the scenery is great, i find sitting in the car for long periods rather tedious and am getting out of the car quite stiff. Following all the signs to Tipperary we stopped for dinner in a lovely little place called Adare where they have thatched cottages still. Cairn who is from Tipperary told us he thought the national dish was boiled bacon and cabbage with mashed potato and parsley sauce. I must say I looked at him in disbelief, but we saw it posted up on a pub board here in Adare where we stopped for a pint…so we decided now was as good as time as any to try.


So now I will tell you it was actually delicious and a bit like a cross between bacon and ham and the parsley sauce was fine. It was very familiar tasting in fact and not unlike Mum’s corned beef. Mum would’ve had more veg tho. Definitely carrots and peas for starters! It definitely needed a bit more colour don’t you think?

And finally we arrived at our BnB where we are staying with a lovely young couple in their apartment right in the centre of town. The BnBs have all been so different, but the people all so lovely. We are Jenny and Gerald’s first BnB customers and they have a huge map up on the wall to inspire them to travel. Most people are amazed when we say we are traveling for 5 months but I can see now as we enter our third week that this will fly!

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