It’s like we drive through Gulliver’s Travels

Last post was for the kids sorry. I got the page I was on mixed up!

Now in Kenmare. The trip here was lovely. The roads are quite narrow at times but generally speaking drivers are considerate. Once again not too different from driving through rural areas at home and lots of green.

Some houses line the street with barely any footpath in lovely pastel colours, just like those old chocolate boxes I have of Nanas. Everything looks miniature. Tiny doorways and windows. It’s like we match-boxed our car and drove through Gulliver’s travels. Very pretty some, and pretty run down others.


We arrive in Kenmare which is quite touristy. Bit like Ponsonby in Auckland. Place was full of people. Wandered the town a bit and had lunch. The shop names read like roll call at the convent. McCarthy’s, Sheahan’s and of course O’Connors amongst others. We find ourselves at the bar and Gilbert orders yet another tap beer. A different one for each bar. I sip it and it’s delicious. I wish I’d got that! We chat with the Canadian bar girl who tells us what’s the best places to stop at and the closest is the rock circle just five minutes up the road.

We head out thinking we have an hour to kill before we go to our BnB.
“That was a nice brew”, Gilbert tells me. “I’ll get that again.”
“What was it called?” I ask “We need to remember it” We look at each other blankly.
“I have no idea”, he says, “It started with a B”

Up to stone henge we go and see a sign 2euros each. Some people are coming out so I ask if it was worth it?
Guy has a wry look on his face. Well now, he starts off, I suppose it was. It depends how you feel about looking at rocks. We look at the picture of the rocks lined up in a circle and Gilbert says. “I look at rocks every day at work so I’m not paying to look at these. We’ll wait till the real stone henge.” Haha!


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2 Responses to It’s like we drive through Gulliver’s Travels

  1. GjC says:

    absolutely beautiful. why i traveled England for the stonerows/hedgerows ha (also want to see if this typing into my gmail will auto place this note on the gfigs site!)

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