Very curious!

In both Amsterdam and here everyone has been marvelling at the weather. Everywhere it’s been long hot sunny days. People are saying the weather is never this good…and it is good.

Something that’s curiously different for us is the daylight hours. In Amsterdam it was daylight at around 5.30am and dark at around 10.30pm. Here in Cork it’s light-I’m talking full daylight at 4am and still light at around 11pm. It’s very strange and I would certainly have trouble catching the dawn chorus here! I wake, ask Gilbert the time and he says something unbelievable and then I doze back off only to wake again 30 minutes later where we repeat the procedure.

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2 Responses to Very curious!

  1. renanopolis says:

    Verrrry curious indeed, but why don’t you just close the curtains?

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