We are her first NZ visitors!

Arrived in Ireland this morning and with our first step onto Aer Lingus, the accent has something vey casual and comfortable about it, when the hostess greets us. We collected our car and the guy tries to tempt us into something a little larger, a little more comfortable to be sure. We politely declined and then walked to where the hire cars were and found ours was fire engine red and a bit bigger than a sewing machine. We had to laugh but it was plenty big enough for us with hardly any bags.

Got sorted and drove to Cork which was no problem at all, at all. We were early for the BnB so went into the city and wandered for a bit. Nothing too different for us really. Grabbed a bit of lunch and headed on to Blarney Castle. Beautiful grounds with acres and acres of gardens of every kind imaginable and the castle, stable…


…and the house was pretty cool too.


Still time to kill so stopped at a bar and doing the Irish thing I had a whiskey and Gilbert had a Muphys stout. I must say mine was pretty fine and I was ready for it. Been a long day with a late night and an early start and then clock went back a bit so I’m a bit shattered.

Knocked on the door and I expected a middle aged Irish lady to answer the door, but hello she is Chinese from Guangzhou who has worked for 10 years as an engineer in Ireland! She is lovely and we talk about our visits to China. Her last on a visit her elderly parents last year. Well I’m ready for bed but not before talking to Sheila and arranging to meet up on Thursday. Can’t wait!

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2 Responses to We are her first NZ visitors!

  1. Graham says:

    Sounds loverly already T never been there
    careful you fella may end up a few weeks in the pubs to kill time
    Lil Ireland
    Amsterdam Food Ireland Booze you on Holiday or something?
    may have to get Tars to tell you to come home? ha
    ENJOY yourselves, sounds like you are ..lovely photos ..

  2. Chee says:

    The grass there is ridiculously green and healthy looking! Loving the castles mum as you two must be. Pretty choice.

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