Mirna teaches me to dance

In return for me teaching Mirna to do Poi she is going to teach me a dance. She has been thinking and debating what she will teach me and here we are at the last night. I said “Mirna, just teach me a hand game if there’s no dance” it’s OK” she said. “I have one. It is from Shakira”

Now, I didn’t know who Shakira is, but I had a funny feeling this is not going to be a traditional Dutch dance? Mirna puts the music on and I’m now laughing my head off. We start to dance with the video playing so I can see the gyrating hips. This lady is not just double jointed and I’m pretty sure she hasn’t been fed up by a Croatian family for 10 days or so, or she would not have danced like that!

Tanja was thoroughly entertained as we swung and clapped our way along with what seems to be the football World Cup theme song. Gee what a fun start to my dance in each country.

Lucky for you I can’t seem to put videos on here. You’ll have to just imagine it…


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3 Responses to Mirna teaches me to dance

  1. taramoala says:

    We need video evidence otherwise it didn’t happen.

    • figsforfree says:

      Haha! Oh I have it alright! Just can’t post it. I will send as attachment in email. But I think the funniest bit would be my face when Mirna played it on the screen and said ” I am going to teach you this”

  2. renanopolis says:

    Hahahaha can’t wait!!

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