By Dutch design

Had a nice easy day wandering around the shops to get a pair of earrings as a momento. I thought I might get a pair from each country to remember our trip by as not buying any other souvenirs. Tanja took me to a gorgeous little shop where I loved everything. These cost 50 euros, which was way more than I intended to spend but oh well! Maybe I’ll get a cheaper pair next place. They are by a Dutch designer quite different from anything I have. Pic is terrible sorry but they have lots of blue and green tones.


Then we went to a Spanish tapas bar for dinner and drinks, and walked home though the park. Heaps of people relaxing in the park. Music and cafés open. What sounds like a play or a movie.


It’s incredibly light outside at night. I took this pic walking home and it’s 10.30pm ish. Imagine how hard it is to get children to bed. It’s light really early as well.


The weather has been amazing every day bar one drizzly one. Slobodan said they turned it in for us! Feeling a little sad that we just have one more day here before flying to Ireland. Don’t know if we will ever get here again but it has been a great start to our trip.

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One Response to By Dutch design

  1. renanopolis says:

    LOVE the earrings mum 🙂 🙂 🙂

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