Today’s highlight.

We headed off early to get at the front of the queue of the Anne Frank Museum. We’d seen a long queue the day before so endeavoured to get there before the 9am opening. Its the house where she was hidden and I realised it wouldn’t be huge and they would only be allowing limited amounts of people in at a time. A queue is to be expected.

Seeing quite a few in a line I thought as we got closer, oh well. Looks like about a half hour wait..that’s ok. Then as we rounded the corner realised it went down the next alley. Looks about an hour or more. Oh well, that’s ok. It had been steady rain for most of our walk so Gilbert headed off to buy an umbrella. I think Gilbert was worried about how long we might be waiting.

He knew this was the one I really wanted to see. I strode down to get to the end of the line but as I neared the end of the alley, realised the line snaked down the next road and the next. I actually couldn’t see the end. I turned back to Gilbert bitterly disappointed to see what he thought, then resigned myself to the fact that this was ridiculous. No way would I stand in the rain for 2-3 hours. “Oh well”, I said to Gilbert. “I read the book, let’s go”


We grabbed a delicious morning tea by way of compensation and headed off exploring. The highlight of the day though was the Rembrandt museum. It was his actual house now restored, and three separate areas had working demonstrations. The first had etching being done with the equipment and in the way Rembrandt would have done it. Next had painting, again with the tools and paint mixing as would have been done then. It was fascinating. Third floor was running workshops. A couple of hours later and closing time. I think I could have gone there and done it all over again. It was fascinating!


To Puccini twice today. First to buy chocolate to take home and second to eat coffee and chocolate. I have a feeling that if I WAS counting calories, I would have exceeded a weeks worth today! No dinner for me. I am full.

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4 Responses to Today’s highlight.

  1. renanopolis says:

    I walked and rode past that like many a time and never stood in it either. Someone told me she waited and waited and got there in the end but didn’t feel it was worth it, that anything that might have been special in that house was long gone, downtrodden by the masses. Good decision! Woohoo lucky we packed stretchy pants!

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