Famous last words?

Managed to find our way back and ended up at Amsterdam Central Station. It’s such a mix of people and buses, trains and trams going every which way. Every different language you can imagine being spoken. We knew we had to find tram no. 16 but flippin heck the volume of people and noise and traffic movement is phenomenal. We hadn’t realised just how busy it all was after negotiating it for a few days after arrival, and then being away in a peaceful spot for a couple of days.

Got on the right tram and managed to find a seat and then realised we had no idea where to get off. “We’ll just guess and walk the rest” I say.
“I think I’ll know it” Gilbert says. “It’s by a canal and a little area on the side”.
I look at him and we both crack up. Unless you’ve been here you will have no idea. There’s canals EVERYWHERE! Funnily enough we got off at exactly the right spot.

I can smell cooking as we climb the stairs and as we enter Dusanka greets us from the kitchen. Dinner is cooking! I make coffee and she pops on the table between us a plate of fresh made pancakes and tubs of jam and smiles. She tells me she can’t speak English only Dutch and Croatian. I tell her I can’t speak anything but English so she’s one up on me. We both understand each other perfectly!

Is it possible I will be 11 ton Tessie?


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