The Abbey Rolduc

Well I posted pics of the abbey and wrote more stuff but I’m such an amateur and never updated before posting so lost it all and you only got the beginning in the last blogpost. I hope you guys appreciate how technologically challenging this is for me?


The church is huge and contains the remains of Ailbertus in a crypt below which we could go see. Ailbertus laid the foundation stones of the church. It was built on land donated by Embrico who was a wealthy vassal of the Earl. He donated his wealth to the project and Adelbert who was a Count donated the first bit of the land. And so started the monastery in 1111.

It went thru several reincarnations over the centuries with the monastery at its core until the French kicked everybody out and it laid empty for 35 years until 1831 when it was set up again as a seminary. Major renovations started in 1970s to be used as it is today. This afternoon we wandered around the extensive gardens and waterways through trees which was beautiful. I think it’s very cool that it’s not just a shrine to God, or history but has a living, peaceful presence, and is used in a positive way, educating. We’ve certainly enjoyed staying in a castle that was actually an Abbey and it has only heightened our desire to see more of the same…or similar!

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