I wore my jamas to dinner

Yes it’s true. When I packed, to remain under seven kilos everything had to mix and match and Amy said to make sure I took my black cotton nighty. Not only was it a fine cotton which would be cool during the hot Mediterranean nights, but it could also be worn during the day. Are you kidding me Amy? Not she assured me it was entirely possible so during the mix and match sessions before the final pack, we tried the nighty with a floral chiffon overlay that did up loosely in the front with a tie.

Some earrings and a necklace and it was agreed, this was indeed a multifunctional nighty! Now that’s all well and good but could I actually wear this? I put it on after a shower before dinner tonight. The test. Would Gilbert realise this was my nighty?

“Nice dress” he said admiringly when I came out. Hmm I looked at him and quizzed him if he knew it was my nighty. I’ve only worn it for 3 months to bed! He seemed sure it was Ok and how easy is that. Out for dinner. A few wines and straight to bed virtually! You be the judge..


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2 Responses to I wore my jamas to dinner

  1. renanopolis says:

    Beautiful! The photo could be cropped nicely though 🙂

  2. Maire says:

    Maire says you’ve got a lovely smile!

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