Looking for a castle

Thought of you today Mei-Lin. Didn’t see this in Amsterdam but everywhere here.


Went to the toilet and there were no pictures, just words. Had to stop and think for a minute. Of course Dame for ladies and Heren for men. Made a mental note to tell Gilbert. Got off the train at Maastricht. I still can’t get over the contrast of old, so, so old, and new. Decide to explore for a bit before catching the next train to Kerkrade where we will decide if we walk or catch a taxi to where our castle is. Haha…Our castle!


The different languages all around us but everyone speaks beautiful English, so no problems negotiating anywhere. Twice yesterday we were deciding what to do, and I suppose looking lost. Both times young guys asked us if we needed help at all.

It’s spring here so very green fields as we train past. Quite a few cows. Huge barn/sheds for winter housing of animals. Everything neat and tidy around the farm buildings and what looks like communal gardens alongside some villages and apartment blocks. Very pretty countryside.

I’m feeling quite happy. Thought today may be a little challenge for us but we even managed to figure out how to stow our bags in a train locker while we lunched in Maastricht. Getting off the train in Kerkrade the GPS told us 1.9km so decided to walk to Rolduc Abbey, Kerkrade. Google that if you want to see where we sleep tonight.

Not a bad walk. Took us 30 minutes through a lovely little town. The backpacks have worked well. Easy to set up as a backpack or to tuck away the straps and wheel or to flick handle down and grab either of the side handles to get off and on trains. I could do with a bit more space to be honest but it’s fine.

And then we were there.


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2 Responses to Looking for a castle

  1. Graham says:

    Thanks T
    Nice to hear your both enjoying if all, yes Centuries old buildings, worn cobblestones etc, makes NZ very young aye
    recall glancing out thru a field in Holland and seeing a ‘Yacht sail on by’ thru the meadows ha Groiningen or Utrecht whatever, wonderful change huh
    enjoy yourselves

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