Costa Rica battles it out on the field on the big screen at O’Reilly’s Irish bar

If you think you’ve already read this you probably have. I somehow deleted it. So here it is again with a few minor edits.

Gilbert and I headed out after breakfast to explore and met Tanja for lunch. Working in Town Planning, there’s not much Tanja doesn’t know about building, past, present and future. It’s been a fascinating journey walking around the buildings with Tanja’s running commentary, who answered questions with knowledge and ease. From the Spanish Inquisition to WWII. People’s attitudes then and now. I told her if she ever wants a job change she could be a tour guide!

I’m just gob smacked at the age and beauty of these buildings. Three and four hundred years old and built on piles driven into the water to reclaim land. I just couldn’t get enough. The detail, the scale of the engineering and the beauty. This pic is probably hard to see but some of the buildings in the middle have moved and are leaning in a bit. Some have slumped sideways and while they look unstable, they have been shored up and should be fine.


What a day. ..we smelled, touched, heard, saw and tasted so much! Not in any particular order…

Delicious pastries, breads and coffee, the dope smoking crowd chillin at the ‘coffee shops’ lining the streets, tour guides, the flower market, the girls in the windows, cobbled streets, of course the canals and Costa Rica battling it out on the field against Italy at O’Reilly’s Irish bar. Yes Ren, we found the place where you worked and stopped for a drink. Promptly got told off for standing in front of the big screen, whoops…and asked the girl who served us if she knew you. Turned out she started there just three months ago! I would’ve gone to the bar and asked them and introduced myself with a jig, (just kidding) but the place was pretty busy. The football fever is rife and people are wearing their team colours. Excitement mounting everywhere at prospect of next game Holland has Monday and for us Croatia also plays Monday. So maybe two games to watch?


It was a pretty good day and tomorrow we start it all over again! Tanja has a free admission card for the museums and I’m looking forward to that.

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One Response to Costa Rica battles it out on the field on the big screen at O’Reilly’s Irish bar

  1. Graham says:

    you and Gil supposed to be taking weight off not putting it on so early i the piece T ha
    forgot to mention to Gil ‘Daily Telegraph UK’ seems to have the BEST Blog for Rugby coverage
    make sure to ‘follow’ when the Aussies take the Bledisloe next month ha


    Love the constant updates, you let us know, Gil rest his wary bones ..

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