Red lights

Tanja pointed out the red light and the big block that stopped cars going down. “That’s to stop people who don’t live down there driving down”, she said. I looked at the low pole that looked like a miniature traffic light.

“Oh” I answered, “I thought that might mean it’s the red light area”.
“Yes it is”, she said,” but the big block is to stop vehicles”.

I looked down the narrow lane with people wandering up and down.
“We should go and look seeing as we are here” Tanja says and then tells me a funny story about when her Mum and Dad were visiting.

There’s something a bit weird about looking thru the long narrow windows, at women presenting their wares. It has a kind of ordinariness like we are looking at fruit and vegetables. Maybe the men don’t see it that way!

Men knock and ask prices I presume. Negotiations ended, he either enters or leaves. Some, like us, are ‘just looking thanks’.

I make eye contact with a young girl. She stares at me. I wonder if she wonders “What’s a Nana doing down here?” but I guess she sees all sorts. Her skin is perfect. Her belly smooth and flat. She almost looks like a painted doll. I smile at her and she gives me a beautiful smile back.

Many windows are empty. Not many working tonight. “Maybe it’s too early”, I say to Tanja. “Oh no” Tanja laughs. “They are working all right. It never stops. When they are not in the window it’s because they are thru the next door…working”.


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