Mirna was intrigued with our pounamu.

The children gave us these two beautiful pieces as we flew out as farewell gifts. I love mine. It is light, contemporary and many shades of green.


Damen made Gilbert’s from whale bone. He turned it over to reveal the seven stars of Matariki. Fitting, as it is that time now. Matariki celebrates the time of the year that Maori traditionally travelled across the water, with the brighter night sky and stars to guide them.


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5 Responses to Pounamu

  1. graham says:

    absolutely beautiful
    glad you folk have made it after these many years T
    love the updates and that CAKE!
    Croatia doing well in the FWC is a bonus as well ..
    and its ‘only just begun’

  2. moniejoe says:

    Hey mama, can you post a pic of dads pounamu with the matariki stars side? I didn’t actually see that yet. : ) glad you like them! xx

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