Kia Ora

The first thing I saw was a little girl dart out from the crowd, carrying a long red rose dancing in front of me. She had a huge smile and when I smiled back, she threw her arms wide. I could tell by her eyes she was full of cheeky fun. Mirna? I asked and she nodded “yes!” Tanja came up behind her and we hugged.

“Can you speak Maori to me?” Mirna asked her Mum to translate as we walked back to the car.
“Kia Ora” I replied
“What does that mean?” Mirna asked in perfect English.
“I will show you” I answered, and dropped my bags and spread my arms wide and we hugged again. She giggled.

We headed to the car park.
“Kia Ora” she practised “Kia Ora”

“Do you like to dance?” Mirna enquired
“Of course!” I answered
“Why do you like to dance?” She asked looking up at me as we walked.
“Because it makes me happy. Have you ever seen anyone dancing with a sad face or an angry face? ”
“No” she replied with her face all smiles again. “Will you teach me something?”

“I will, tonight I will show you poi” I replied “Then you will teach me something”

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