Lucky I look like a druggie…

I’m not sure why Vancouver airport has won best airport in Nth America for the last four years, or maybe we struck it on a bad day? We queued for kilometres coming in AND going out. Understand this airport probably handles a lot more traffic etc than Auckland but seriously! Seemed to be not enough staff on as we snaked our way to the bottle neck where customs officers casually checked. Interesting coming across same groups after every corner. Lots of time for people watching.

Leaving today however after a run in with KLM staff member who told me to get in line, when I casually asked which way the gates were. I smiling said, “I just have carry on and we’ve already got boarding passes done” she gave me a death look and said, “EVERYBODY has to check their bags in and you’ll have to get in line like everyone else”. Jeepers lady you need a coffee!

Fortunately a younger staff member asked to see my bag after the bitch moved away and pointed to the gates saying we were fine to go on thru. To the gate line and about an hour of a slow moving masses and what looked like another hour ahead, I had the good fortune to be pulled aside. Swabs taken. Bags checked and cleared. I was a bit worried we’d be back to join the queue but no, she jumped us to the front. “Lucky I look like a druggie” I smiled at Gilbert.

Pulled aside again cause I had my liquids in a sealed plastic bag but not THEIR sealed plastic bag. Didn’t even have to change them, she just wanted me to know.

A beautiful oasis on the other side we are now relaxing before we depart for Amsterdam.

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One Response to Lucky I look like a druggie…

  1. Graham says:

    to the WW Paranoia of security T
    got the US to blame for that huh
    them Jelly planes looked Nice
    enjoying the updates, like being there ha
    Aroha to you both

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