I crashed and burned

Yep. Everyone around me for the last month coughed, sneezed, wheezed and gargled while I marched on marvelling at my great immunity level. My natural resistance keeping me in tip top condition…till Saturday morning, when I woke with a head cold and sore throat and ear. Drs appointment Monday confirmed I had the whole lot. My carry on had a new dimension resembling a chemist and Monie said once I go thru the x-ray they may be wanting to do a more thorough search! I’m a little worried about take off and landing with a stuffed head and an ear infection and I think anyone sitting close by may be also be worried listening to me snuffling & blowing.

We had awesome seats thanks to cousin Christine. Very back row. Two seats by themselves so a little more space and no one climbing over us. Tap in wall beside us to refill water bottles and right by kitchen with very attentive flight attendants. Well done air nz. No complaints here.

But before I go any further take a look at this…


Pretty impressive at just 7 kilos. That’s all I need for 5 months travel. Well that’s the aim anyway. It wasn’t easy but Annie removed an extra pair of summer sandals I had hidden and a few other bits and pieces and we got there. My handbag is choka with stuff but once I down the penicillin, suck the lozenges, sniff the nasal spray and slip a few antihistamines in, that will be fine too!

I felt surprisingly relaxed before the flight. Lindy came for breakfast coffee and I showed off my poi skills. As kids we of course played with poi regularly at school. Funny thing is as soon as you get poi out everyone wants a turn and Lindy couldn’t wait to try. I had decided to learn a dance in every country to share with the mokopunas. In return when I’m with families I can show them poi.

It has been fun practising and sharing that with the kids and I’m sure will continue to be as we travel. It was such a good idea. After 5 months hopefully I will have mastered a few more moves. Now Tara made these poi a few years ago and when I tied them to the handle I was amazed at the colours. Talk about mean’t to be. Talk soon!


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