I got up early this morning

I got up early this morning. Four thirty am to be exact. I didn’t mean to but you can get so much done when you get up early. My aunty got up around that time every day of her life but I guess with 13 or 14 children you would need to pack a lot into a day. The funny thing about getting up early is I’m still usually late.

This morning I’m making a curry I’ve never made before. Checked I had all the ingredients and now I’m at the end I’m gutted to see the huge tub of natural yoghurt is in fact almost empty. It never occurs to me that natural yoghurt could get eaten. Never ate it as a child but managed to trick the kids into thinking I love it, because I knew it would be good for them. In fact they just found out recently and couldn’t believe it.

I also made a beef soup for Tara cause she’s sick. I know what that feels like. Nauseousness when you have two little ones is no fun. It reminded me of when Mum would bring a hunk of beef up and do the same for me. Beef soup to give me iron and energy and a big beef curry or stew for the family that would do a couple of meals. Full of silver beet and carrots and all the goodies so you didn’t have to do a single thing come dinner time.

It’s nice that I can do that now for Tara. It’s her birthday today. Happy birthday Tara.

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