…as I slipped into the steamy hot water

I awoke to the sound of birds this morning. I lay there for a few minutes wondering how different it will be on our trip. I’m wondering if we will be sleeping in, or up early not wanting to miss a thing. I’m wondering if the birds will sound the same in the mornings and just how different the night sky might be.

I don’t always wake this early but decided to greet the day with a spa. Gilbert was already up exercising so I made my hot water and lemon and padded down and slipped into the steamy hot water. It was as perfect as it could be. The daylight just stretching out across the sky. Not a breath of wind.

I lay my head back on the edge of the spa and tried to listen to each birds call. There were chirrups and peeps and high pitched clicks. In the trees at the orchard edge the tui came in strong with its clacks and whistle. It was like an orchestra tuning, each oblivious to the others sound.

It started to drizzle and I resisted the temptation of leaping out in fear of full on rain and tipped my chin back further so my skin could drink its cool freshness in. As I lay there I remembered a time about ten years ago when Tara was home from flatting. An early riser naturally herself she hap tapped on our bedroom door and whispered “meet you in the spa” and we’d both enjoyed the dawn chorus. We had been chatting easily catching up with lives now not so entertwined, when we stopped and realised we’d started to yell so we could hear each other over the birds!

The drizzle had bought out the ducks now and I hoped their slow lazy quark quark wouldn’t be broken by a gun as Ian kept numbers on his pond down. Eyes open I looked for the birds but without glasses they were hard to spot when one landed on the roof close to me. I lay still and enjoyed his exaggerated nods saluting the day as he added his 2cents to the crescendo before flitting off. Some cows in the distance added their bassoony moos to the mix. It was so loud I wondered just how many birds it takes to make this much noise?

The rain stopped and I did some gentle yoga stretches trying to keep the old muscles and bones supple for as long as I could, and as I slipped from the water marvelled that this must be one of the most beautiful ways to start the day.

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One Response to …as I slipped into the steamy hot water

  1. Bruce says:

    Lovely words – yet again . the anticipation for your big trip back to Brac is one of the trinity of joys for travel – then the enjoyment of the moment when you are there and finally the pleasant reflections you will have after you return to NZ. Lucky you

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