We’re rich!

We cashed up the bonus bonds that never won us much more than $20 occasionally and drew on the retirement fund, cause we may never get old…nah we’re just gunna get the kids to look after us when we get old. It will be ‘pay back time’.

Then we went to different banks…actually went on Internet to compare rates before we traipsed around in person to make sure it was true. Laughed about how old we were cause had to be told by the young teller about 16 times as we didn’t get it the first time, and then felt sure it would be ok cause that’s what her Mum and Dad are doing.

So now we have cash passports which is just one of our spending options. So many options and every time you talk to someone they did something different so I guess you just make a decision and roll with it. We’ll be experts by the time we come back from our one and only trip to Europe.Duane tells me these are SKI holidays. ‘Spending The Kids Inheritance’. Sorry kids…

Now it’s time to start booking some accommodation. When we were in Asia the lonely planet was our bible and I’ve just bought the latest version for Europe so debating whether to add the extra kilo to my bag.

One option is to cut away the countries we won’t be going to which will halve its weight. Gilbert will be happy internet searching but I prefer to have a piece of paper in my hand. Whether I want to actually carry that is another matter all together!

I did a prepack and with everything I think I’ll be taking, without lonely Planet, bag weighs a very nice 5 kilos thank you very much. I’m rapt about that. We saw a few couples up Queen street struggling with huge bags pulling on wheels obviously leaving hotels and making their way to next meeting point or destination. No thanks to that!

Tanja can’t believe we can do this and I agreed it might be a challenge but her challenge is to not give us ANYTHING. Did you hear that Tanja? No rocks or shells or books or bottles of wine. Just your love and memories. That I will easily carry away with me.

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