Tiki Tour


This is the Tiki that the family gave me to protect me on our last big trip 15 years ago when we took the children to China for 4 months. He will be my guardian for a safe journey.

I’ve just started another blog and I’ve been practising. We went to Coromandel from Tony & Duane’s gorgeous holiday spot in Matarangi over Easter weekend. We wined, dined, dozed and after they left, Gilbert and I settled down in a cafe. I pretended I was in Amsterdam or Rotterdam, Paris or Rome writing my blog page ready to send. Gilbert fiddled around with the camera.

The new blog is especially for the kids. It’s called ‘Goong Goong and Nanny T’s Tiki Tour’. I’m Nanny T of course, but some of you won’t know Goong Goong is Chinese for Granddad and what the grandchildren call Gilbert.

We’ve found little tikis so the kids can follow our travels with their tikis on a world map. We’ve got a kiwi who will travel with us too, so we can take pics of ‘kiwi’ in places with us. We’re probably more excited about this and planning what we’re going to be doing on the kids blog than the kids will be!

One thing I said I will try to do is learn a dance in each country, so Tanya you’ll have to teach me two. Something in Amsterdam and then again something in Croatia with Lindy and perhaps her girls. We’ll be lucky to get the boys up, but never say never aye!

I can see me Irish jigging in Ireland or flamenco dancing with castanets in Spain. Probably lucky I won’t be belly dancing in Turkey!


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2 Responses to Tiki Tour

  1. Bruce says:

    Hope you have a wonderful Croatian experience – sure you will

  2. taramoala says:

    Haha, awesome! Make sure goong goong gets better at taking video before any dances!

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