Life Is Good…

I’ve taken advice and its all good. Im taking each of my worries and dealing with them. One at a time. Lindy gave me a book on visualisation. If this works it will be amazing. Apparently if I visualise money, good health, new house, whatever! It all comes to me.

Thats chapter one…and it works. The other morning I visualised Gilbert mowing the lawns & he did it right after breakfast!

I’m taking this seriously. This book gives countless examples of people using this method and good fortune resulting.

I have so much to visualise Im not sure where Im going to find the time. Im working on the important things first.

I want to get down to 75kilos before we travel. Ive lost some, a little more would be good.

All my bookwork is up to date

We win bonus bonds and that pays for our trip

My niggle y aches and pains are gone, my body is fit is strong

The house is spring cleaned and the garden is pruned and mulched before we go ready for Chee & Annie

Hmmm that should do for now…Now Im going to meditate. This helps with visualisation apparently.

Gilbert and I headed off for Easter taking our travel books with us so we can plan and budget the trip – that will help.

Im going to start a kids blog so I can keep the little ones up to date with what we are doing-Im excited about that!

I am going to finish work a couple of weeks before we leave to chill, spend time with the kids, pack my bags and get into holiday mode.

Now for the meditation…Take a deep breath, right down to the base of your lungs. Let it sit for a few seconds and make a small opening with your mouth and let it slip away…Its taking your worries with it. Now close your eyes and do it again… and one more time…Life is Good.. oooohhhmmmmm…..


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