You can’t teach old dogs new tricks

They say you can’t teach old dogs new tricks but luckily young pups don’t give up too easily. “We will have to teach you how to blog from your mini now”, Ren says

I look at her blankly

 “we’ll you won’t ha20140217-204520.jpgve your laptop with you and it works differently, she explains, so first of all let’s get your mini and tell me how you would go on line…” Damn I hate learning new stuff. Poor Ren. She answered a note on the library wall for a mature lady wanting help learning how to use her ipad in exchange for beauty therapy sessions. She wasn’t interested in the beauty therapy but happy to help someone. I laughed when she told me and I hoped the mature lady didn’t turn into a nightmare. She has her hands full teaching me.
“Mum she squeals, stop looking at me as if you’ve never heard this before” Bet she never says that to the mature lady. Its taken me seventeen goes to get this right. Why? I have no idea, but this old dog is going to bed cause I used up all my patience and every time I try to fix it, something else crazy happens…bloody computers and blogs and getting old and having no memory and….Good night!
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