You have 10 minutes…

Was a constant theme at a 3 day creative writing workshop Ren and I just attended. My brain isn’t used to this sort of pressure and I fell into bed each night as if Id been working out in a gym all dayImage. Here’s an exercise we did & you CAN try this at home!

Write down something you can do in 10-20 minutes of time. OK…’planting tomatoes’ I wrote.

Now add to that things that might happen that would make that stretch to a morning…Hmmm, Ok ‘the dog barks and I find I have an unexpected visitor & we sit for a coffee and chat.’ Smugly I put my pen down.

Now add to that something that would make that job stretch to a month…are you crazy Im thinking…OK, ‘I say goodbye to the friend, pick up the month old wet newspaper I had wrapped around the tomatoes and start to read an article that draws my attention, and it takes me back to that event.’ Phew!

Now… she says…Now add to that something that would make that stretch to a year…I put my pen down…she is Crazy, this is impossible, when suddenly a thought pops into my head and I’m away writing like there’s no tomorrow.

That this 3 day course has an ending is exciting as now I have head space to carry on some of the projects I have drifting around in my mind. I have a target of 250 words a day. I have the notes of previous story ideas and I have the sweet sweet thought of maybe even selling some of these stories as some classmates have done.

I am not deterred by the fact that I was perhaps the dumbest member of the class, struggling to keep in one tense and the least well read as have been reading the same book for more than 6 months and couldn’t actually even remember the name or author of my current book!  No, I proudly told them I have won 2nd prize in a short story competition (not mentioning it was in our local paper with few entries), that I am in fact published, (the kids page in the local counts surely?), and that I have followers on my blog (thank you very much children) and a novel on the go…that is indeed true in case you are wondering. If I finish it, that will be a real miracle but after this I’m feeling like I might blow the dust off it and revisit it.

I am revitalized…and due back to work tomorrow…damn!

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