Im kicking myself!

The other day we met three beautiful members of our extended family. Sara, Charlotte and Elvis. They are on our Croation side. Their Grandfather was a cousin to our Grandfather and came from the same little village on Brac where their descendants still life.

We have much to thank Maree for but mostly her dedication to the detail of our family tree and her persistence in tracking these people down. Sara and Charlotte were easy, they came to Mum’s funeral with a cousin to meet us. To rekindle connections long passed of Aunts and Uncles and as we chatted a few weeks later we felt completely at home. It was like we’d met them before and were simply picking up old threads when really we were actually knitting a new blanket to wrap around us while we shared photos and stories.

I was immediately envious as photos came out and I saw they were part of a family of seven, the same as us but six of them were girls! I imagined the shared shoes and clothes, the critique of makeup styles and boyfriends, the tricks and intrigues as they stretched each others life experiences. No doubt there was also fights and tears, ah but these are the intricacies of families that give them depth and richness too.

Charlotte shared her recent trip to Brac and now I’m really getting excited. When I got home the books and maps came out and the appointment made with a travel agent. Tony has already booked for himself, Duane and Lindy. We better get cracking…

Why am I kicking myself? I never got a photo of us all together. Till we meet again my cousins and then hopefully we will snap a photo to remember each other by!

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2 Responses to Im kicking myself!

  1. Painless says:

    Hello Cousin! That is such a beautiful image, ‘knitting a new blanket to wrap around us’. It was very special to meet you all and to be welcomed into Maree’s home. I felt so happy and warm driving back that afternoon. The warmth of being part of a family. I felt a similar belongingness with the relations on Brac last year, even with the language barrier. A sense of knowingness, of familiarity. As if the island itself recognised my genes and was talking directly to my soul. I look forward to hearing about the adventures you will have there! In the meantime, would love to meet up again and share my travel tips, if it’s helpful. Maybe David and I could do a combined Croatia download!
    It was kind of you to blog about our visit. ‘Kind’ because I had read your blog and very much enjoyed your writing and stories, but felt too shy to ‘follow’. But now I think I can!

    • figsforfree says:

      Hey, I started to read your blog, I wanted to stop as it was so heavy, (like you said) but I couldn’t. It seemed like this was a different person,not you,but then I went to the bottom and started at the beginning. You are an awesome writer Ms Charlotte. Beautiful words and composition.Is that your future…writing?
      Cousin T

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