Is there ever anything so amazing as a Button Tin?

Ren is probably still shaking her head…how come some people don’t get it? Buttons are such little but beautiful things. From the everyday heavy duty men’s work shirt kind of button to the most glittery delicate shank. What about the home made ones that match hand sewn items; big bulky ones for overcoats or a statement; little blue boats from a child’s top, bakelite, pearl and plastic, pretty glass catching the light and pressed metal ones…and contained in that old biscuit tin, that is my new treasure trove, is every other little trinket that may have been coveted or collected or simply put there because it didn’t fit any other home. Old coins, a few badges, crochet hooks, even earrings and Teddy bears eyes that have lost their mate.

Mum and I had shared this button tin love and one day we spread its contents far and wide as Mum remembered where different ones had come from, or simply delighted in its beauty. We wondered many a time how we could display these so they weren’t hidden away and one day I called her over to a shop display where a cushion had divided areas and buttons sewn into each square. We were delirious with the simplicity of the idea and Mum was the cushion queen so this couldn’t be more fitting. She started on it that very night and the finished product was indeed beautiful.

Onto a cream linen fabric she had carefully stitched the lines and hand sewn dark buttons into the centre of each square. She was so proud. I don’t know where that ended up but no doubt someone admired it and she would have proudly pressed it into their hands insisting she had plenty more. I never got mine made but I didn’t have time on my hands either, so now I have the button tin, its the holidays and as slip open the lid and spill its contents onto the table… I am amazed.Image

Mum has separated them into colours and threaded onto either a pin or cotton any that are part of a set. Its been a true labour of love. She very rarely sat idle but I can’t imagine how many hours this must have taken. Some she has stitched onto a glittery length of fabric. Im wondering why she chose these ones. Were they her favourites? Was she going to do this with all of them and got tired? Beautiful Buckles have their bag too. Colours glistening with every shade and hue of the rainbow with similar colours together in small plastic bags. I can’t help but smile as I pick through thinking of some ideas to display these. There are hundreds of them and if Mum is watching, she’s going to love it too!

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