What does Labour look like?

Well…it has many faces. Plans, rules and expectations that don’t always follow a pattern. Most of the time it ends well, its just not always the path we had planned to take. Being part of a birth is a wonder we are not always privileged to share but any we do, will seal a beautiful bond at the beginning of a great journey. The other day we finally welcomed our latest addition to our family. It started with gentle motion, aromatherapy, soothing words and ended fast and furious.

Of course the parents are pre programmed to love her and the absolute, unconditional love that oozes from every pore is truly beautiful to watch. She is eight pounds of perfection and beauty in every way, and a joy to behold.Image

… and so starts her journey, their journey, our journey. I have been down this road many times and yet each time I travel it, it feels a new road. How lucky am I!

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