what does Limbo look like?



Limbo – a state of wait…. For me right now it looks like the pic attached. A clock ticking by and a ball of wool, as I try & figure out how to crochet. We are waiting for labour to start with our eighth grandchild now almost 2 weeks overdue. I rushed down at first call with a cabin bag only and worrying about being overweight, (my bag silly…) tried to look nonchalant going through check in and breathed a sigh of relief as I swung it up above my seat and sat down.

All subsided and for the last seven days we ALL here have been in a bit of a state of Limbo. We’ve walked and played monopoly and watched movies and gone out for coffee and have been looked after fabulously by Evon and Pete. Its been a delightful break really. I feel very privileged to have been asked to be present at the birth and this break is a real bonus!

I went and got a crochet hook, wool and a book. As a sewer and and a kind of knitter I thought I’d pick up a crochet hook and it would just happen. “How hard can it be?” My hands got tight and sore and after an hour I’d done three rows that curled up like a flower.

I remember well waiting for our first’s birth. The first little twinges increasing over two days into something more serious and me thinking…this is not so bad. I can do this…Little did I know we had hours ahead of us. It was hard work but the absolute delight and love I felt holding our first baby is indescribable.  I was much more prepared and our following four births were positive and active and I have been thrilled to be involved in many of our grandchildren’s births. All different but each time I can only marvel at the human body, at what awesome Mothers we have in our family and how beautiful the birthing process is.

Right now tho I am learning to crochet and we are just waiting…walking…eating…Perhaps I WILL be overweight for the return trip?  



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One Response to what does Limbo look like?

  1. renanopolis says:

    Woohoooo!! From limbo to labour!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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