How organised are you?

Tara is probably the most organised person I know. She has lists for everything and she gets through an incredible amount of work and play but when babysitting other day, this one took the cake. We decided we’d go for a walk after lunch and sat down to eat.  Milan was chatting on about things they were going to do and in amongst the chatter was “…and at Xmas time Mummy and Daddy are going to make a baby…”

Just a minute Milan, what did you say…” Mummy says at Xmas time, her and Daddy are going to make a baby” with a big smile.

Pretty hard to wipe the smile off our faces all afternoon as we imagined Tara going thru & updating her jobs for the week and saying Ummm no we can’t fit it in there…how much time do you have off at Xmas hun? Right so I’ll pencil that in for Xmas.

When I told Tara she said their friends were due to have a baby and Milan had been desperate that they have one too, so after hours of whingeing  she told him they’d make one at Xmas…Im just not sure Milan understands the concept of making one and having one Tara….I think he thinks hes going to get a baby Xmas morning…

Screen shot 2013-11-08 at 9.01.01 PM

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