How do French women keep their figures?

Over the last few days I have shoveled a couple of tons of gap 7 onto the floor of the old/new glasshouse, turned the compost heap, weeded, slashed and yes burned.  I took two garden beds and pulled off the majority of the waist high weeds, bucketed in compost and then laid wet newspaper over it and covered the whole lot with pea straw. Then I made small holes and planted my tomato seedlings. I figursweetpease by the time the tomatoes root down into the compost they will be needing that then and the weeds will have rotted away with no sunlight. Ive known & used a similar technique for years but see how this goes.  Its so rewarding in the garden. You can turn around at the end of the day and the change is amazing. I always think why didn’t I do a before & after photo so everyone else can be amazed?

I wondered while I did all this work why Im not skinny, as sweat ran down my back but the answer was to come with afternoon tea. Gilbert read out to me that the French eat well but keep their beautiful figures because of portion size. Well no great revelation really I pondered as I ate my 4th double chocolat Tim Tam, perhaps I will give this a try. Then I opened my email to read this from my darling daughter.

I have a proposal. I would like to come and help in the garden before or after school for half an hour/an hour each day.

I would like to kind of exercise, kind of learn some stuff, kind of give back to the kitchen table, kind of eat more crunchie bars.

There will need to be some flexibility, say on days where I’m too tired and I’d rather die, or on weekends when Kieran is here, or when I might be hungover and need the sick bay (not often lately!). The ‘whatever is fine with me deal’ we normally operate on will suit well.

What do you think? X”

My Reply…”Wow! Of course…Never look a gift horse in the bum…as they say!  (she never gets these sayings right)

Any time donated by anyone is always greatly appreciated and just like the little red hen story…”who will help me; thrash the grain, plant the seed, grind the flour, make the bread..(not necessarily in that order?) can help me eat the bread…and you’re quite right Ren, you will gain so much more than just eating the results. Of course this will also be based around my ‘life’ and when Im too tired, (cause I actually do work hard at work), or on weekends when anyone might be here, (I have friends too you know), or when I might need the sickbay, (not very often as Im much cleverer than that). The whatever is fine with me deal ,that we normally work on, WILL suit well.
Oh and I’ve never really liked crunchies and prefer Picnic bars or Tim Tams… Ta, Mum”
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