Grammer after dinner anyone?


Its a very interesting exercise using your brain. Of course we are learning all the time…new skills, new ways, new jokes…haha, but something like this means something, because it actually MEANS SOMETHING. Ren asked me to do this with her and I thought it might be interesting, plus Kurt said it was so easy you could pretty much just sit the tests and not read the content. Kurt YOU LIAR!

It was a challenge and I’m glad, because that made it more worthwhile, and then it really does MEAN SOMETHING . I overheard Simone correcting Wheriko the other morning and I smiled to myself remembering learning the technicalities of just that piece of grammer last month. You don’t think about the hows and whys of learning your mother tongue but this gave me a new appreciation of those who speak English as a second language.

Its a good feeling to achieve something and we had some fun doing it too. The first lesson plan we had to do I looked at Ren blankly as she excitedly explained we could just change up some drinking games. “Ren, I said, its been about 40 years since I played drinking games. We don’t seem to need games to down a few now days and I can’t even think of one.”   Luckily she knew a few, and who would’ve thought they would be so useful? She pretty much wrote my first lesson plan for me, but after that I was away. It was great helping each other over the last few months and I hope  she enjoyed it too. It was cool getting an A as well, even tho Ren got an A+! I will probably never use this certificate but it was worth it!  No new skill is ever wasted as it will add in many different ways, and some of those are often unexpected.

Hopefully I have opened up new pathways in my brain. New filing cabinets ready to take in more info. I’m thinking I should polish up my French or maybe try picking up some of those Croatian words my great aunty had great delight in trying to teach me ready for our trip. Hmmm? 


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