These are easier than they look…NOT!

ImageI have started Yoga again. I did it as a flexible 15 yr old and again as pregnant 25 yr old to help with birthing and now at 55 I can’t even cross my legs, let alone get my knees to touch the ground as they once did. Arthritis is taking hold of my hips. It feels like I have had lock tight squeezed in there. Getting out of a chair at work I look something like a 70 year old but after 5 to 10 steps I’ve eased into a normal stride, though I can’t quite skip down the stairs like I used to. Exercise has not been something I’ve ever been keen on. Hard work I don’t mind, Hours gardening in the rain I can handle. Moving a few cubic metres of compost makes sense. Rock & Roll or even Belly Dancing is great fun, but exercise, no.  

Gilbert bought us bikes about 10 years ago and under duress I put on my special ‘K’ free tee and padded shorts, every inch of padding needed too by the way. We headed out the drive and turned right onto our country road. The plan was to go round the 6.2km block. Yes we drove around it to measure so we could be suitably impressed after. Down the road I very unconfidently wobbled, nervous at the gaining speed on the slight downhill bit and by the time we got to the railway line a km later I knew bikes and I were not mean’t for each other. I was frightened of the traffic and hadn’t even got onto the main road yet!

I said to Gilbert who patiently rode beside me “I think I will just go home if you want to carry on” and watched him disappear as I turned back. Petrified of cars passing me as much as the half metre ditch on my left, I struggled to stay straight and coming to our very slight now up hill began to pass two people walking briskly. I gave them a courteous red faced nod of acknowledgement and head held high, I tried to pass them. It was tete a tete for a few minutes until standing up in the seat, I gave it my all. Blimey I wasn’t going to let walking people beat me! Pushing as hard as I could I passed them and getting to the flatter part began to feel the wind in my hair as I turned the corner for the home straight, into our drive and down to the garage. My legs about to collapse I wobbled inside and lay down on the couch. This biking lark was not one I would be doing again in a hurry!   

Flatty refusing to go to any kind of exercise class I tried Hot Yoga with Renny after she raved about the benefits but there’s no fun trying to move in hot steamy air so claustrophobic you’re dizzy and feel so close to vomiting you have to just lie still curled in the fetal position. I saw Ren helped out mid session to recover and I crossed that off the list.  So now I decided I would go back to normal Yoga to keep what flexibility I have remaining and feel this is something I can do wherever we are while traveling. Tara asked me the other day, “How’s yoga Mum?” I love it I enthused. Its gentle and I feel well stretched after but I especially like the sleep bit. “The sleep bit?” Tara answered a bit confused. “There’s no sleep bit in Yoga?” There is in our classes I said happily. It goes like this…and I put on my dreamiest yoga teacher voice, “Relax your eyes, feel the tension on your face fall away, relax your lips, feel your mouth open slightly”….”and I don’t know what she says after that”. Tara was laughing at this point… “Mum you’re not supposed to be sleeping, its meditation”. Hmmm…Well I wake up and everybody is putting their stuff away and getting shoes on but I just thought they’re not as relaxed as I am. SO today at Yoga I determined to listen and it was amazing. She used imagery to take us into a room where there were crystals….I’ve been missing all this! In ten sessions I’ve immediately fallen to sleep after she said relax…Crazy, Now Im looking forward to whats going to happen in the next installment! 

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3 Responses to These are easier than they look…NOT!

  1. funny point with the “sleep bit”. Fingers crossed to keep up the Yoga practice!

  2. renanopolis says:

    Even though I don’t appreciate you telling everyone I almost fainted (ONCE), you are freakin hilarious. Good post x

    > >

  3. kirs10woods says:

    Nice post! How are you doing now? Is it true that yoga can help ease joint pains?

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