Embracing Aging

ImageYesterday I turned 55. When you’re 25 or 35 and even when you’re 45, its hard to imagine turning 55 but each year sees a little change and I certainly feel older! Today also, after weeks of deliberation I have decided to embrace my age and allow my hair to grey rather than to continue colouring. Apparently its the height of fashion right now. As I’ve been lightening gradually and growing out my last colour and deciding, no, agonising over what to do, Ive been very aware of peoples comments and have been surprised to have people I hardly know stop me & say “ well look at you, and WHAT are you doing with your hair?”

Family members who tell me I look ten years older and to “get it sorted” or the shop assistant I’ve never seen before tell me she thought I was very brave going grey, and then show me her grey underneath as if we were conspirators together.

Sometimes I catch myself as I pass a shop window or a hall mirror at home and get a shock as I see my Mother looking back at me. I read with disbelief that some people are actually colouring their hair grey. Are they mad I asked myself???

But perhaps this is the ‘Autumn’ of my life. I had a great Spring and an even better Summer. Life hasn’t been without bridges to cross and hills to climb, but I’m lucky enough to be with the same man and have five fabulous children who are all now settling into their family lives giving us beautiful grandchildren to enjoy. After all Autumn is a beautiful time in the garden…

Then we went to a family function and my niece said “Aunty Tricia, I love what you’re doing with your hair. You can totally ‘rock’ grey..!”

Why thank-you Kerry because after that comment I decided I WOULD totally rock grey…Its taken me a little while to get used to it, but Im feeling more comfortable with each mornings glance in the mirror as I get ready for work. Tomorrow I get the last remnants of the old colour cut off and a few highlights put thru to break it up and so begins a new phase of my life. I will be embracing aging. Loving my body and whats happening as life moves on. I will be going grey..and I WILL totally rock it!

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One Response to Embracing Aging

  1. renanopolis says:

    Oh nooooo, you are the coolest, COOLEST Mum and role model ever. How will we ever top this! Awesome. Xxx

    > >

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