Who saw the Moon?

ImageThe Moon was amazing the other night. I pinched this shot from National Geographic site. But ours looked like this. It was larger and clearer on 21st June as it was so close to the earth, and we had a beautiful clear night to see it. I dragged Ren out of bed but she wasn’t as impressed as I was. I must say I wasn’t as impressed about moons and sunrises when I was young either. I took them for granted until a friend who had been diagnosed with cancer had been told she had about 3 months to live. She made sure she got up early every day so she wouldn’t miss a single sunrise. The morning I walked with her I was stunned at her positivity and how amazing the sunrise was. It has always been special for me since then.

Hardly started the travel planning and it felt all so overwhelming. I looked through travel books and blogs and a map of Europe and instead of feeling excited I felt completely stumped. So much choice and where to even begin! Tatjana said to start with dates and a rough outline and she will look it over and make suggestions. Then Maree called about her Yacons, an amazing vegetable that looks a bit like a NZ Kumara and tastes crisp and sweet like an apple that shes just grown, and I said I’d send her my rough outline too and she could make suggestions. Then last night I sat with Ren and before I knew, it I had a rough outline. Now its started it seems easy! 

In the garden, the winter dusk descending as we arrive home gives us little or no time for jobs, and my priority has been the three new hens recently moved house from Taras. Worried about the dog finding them recreational fodder I decided to put them in the fenced vege garden area and let them out when Im working in there so I can guard the newly planted areas. Its worked out well as they are happy going no further than a few metres from their cage happily scratching for worms and generally ‘clucking around’. I had read that they adore oxalis bulbs and so to test this when I found a clump I carefully lifted it and popped it by the door of their cage…and its true! They are beside themselves with joy and every last one is scoffed. God help me if they go thru them and they actually SPREAD it…surely not! 

To really motivate myself for winter planting of vege I gave each of the grandkids a choice of plants. Wheriko chose Sweetpeas and Broad beans, Maire chose Cauli and Kale, Kahu chose Brocolli and Nasturtiums and Milan chose Peas and Parsley. Milans is the last bed to get planted and knowing when they visit I will need to have them ready has been the best motivator ever! I also got in a whole bed of garlic and another bed of chinese cabbage. I have more to dig over still but may rest these with mustard.

There is much to do in the subtropical/banana plantation which I need planted while the ground is damp but after the last frosts and before the summer heat so probably next week…Winter fruit tree pruning to do also …Another week next week…

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